Tuesday, March 1, 2011

  1. Will any 2011 TV best the 2008 Pioneer Kuro?

    CNET (blog) - David Katzmaier - 22 февр. 2011
    ... about the TV industry is this: in more than two and a half years, no TV has delivered better picture quality than the Pioneer Kuro line of plasma TVs. ...
  2. Hands On: Samsung 8000 LED 3D TV

    CE Pro Magazine (blog) - Robert Archer - 18 февр. 2011
    Samsung's 8000 Series LED 3D TV meets all the requirements of a consumer who ... Hasn't the CE community learned its lesson from Pioneer's Kuro plasma line? ...
  3. Panasonic introduce their 3D enabled VT30 Plasma TVs

    HDTV Org - 15 февр. 2011
    The extent to which Pioneer's legendary Kuro technology has been applied to Panasonic TVs ... you might like to take a look at our 3D TV, Cinema & Gaming Guide.

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